Ray of hope from adventure-comedy

AN astronomy freak who turns invisible after experimenting with a piece of meteorite - that will be the selling point of Nizarman's second movie XX Ray, which will begin location shooting this week. The original script, written by Nahar Mohammad Khan, was expanded upon by Aziz M. Osman, who will direct and play the lead role. For producer Ruhani Abdul Rahman, XX Ray has every potential of becoming "a box-office movie", going by the storyline and the people involved in the making of the film. To ensure that the interesting storyline is not wasted, Ruhani has set aside $250,000 for the special effects which will be done by the director of photography, award-winning cameraman Badaruddin Hajiā€¦

Author(s): By Zieman
Copyright: NSTP
Published on: 22 January 1992
Publication: New Straits Times
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