Religious drama leaves viewer in cliche heaven

MORAL tales can be entertaining. Religious propaganda can be bearable depending on form and context. But, thus far, moral and/or religious propaganda in the form of local television dramas has, unfortunately, been bloody awful. And last Wednesday's Cerekarama (TV3) offering, Luqman:33, not surprisingly, broke no ground. The story itself was so shallow. Rich boy Luqman (Aman Shah) goes overseas to study. There he discovers his religious roots. He returns home for a holiday and is disgusted with his decadent family, headed by his booze-swilling father, Datuk Musa (M. Amin) and his spiritually-lost mother, Datin Zainab (Fatimah Yassin). To further bulldoze this point about decadence across to…

Author(s): By Rom Nain
Copyright: Unknown
Published on: 5 December 1991
Publication: New Straits Times
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