Groomed to lead

THE WEALTH OF tycoons can be hazardous to personal security. In this respect, the Low Yat clan is no less immune than other illustrious business personalities to the dangers posed by the criminal underworld. Thus, no photographs of the Lows could be used for the Cover stories except that of Low Yat himself (1903-1971). Low Yat first arrived in Singapore from the Fujian province of China in the early 1940s at the age of 12. The penniless young boy worked in a sundry shop before journeying north to Kuala Lumpur a year later to work as a general labourer with a construction firm. After amassing enough capital, the young man used it to build his first hotel - the Capital Hotel in Jalan Bukit…

Author(s): By Abdul Razak Chik
Copyright: -
Published on: 1 October 1995
Publication: Malaysian Business
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