Shuhaimi's over the moon

CHANCES are, every Malaysian knows what gamat is. Though it is but an innocuous species of sea cucumber, its medicinal properties have been known to work "magic". Many have made money out of it. Go to Langkawi and you know how big the gamat industry is. For Shuhaimi Baba, one of Malaysia's high-profiled film directors, gamat could just be the ingredient to a high box-office taking. Her new film, Mimpi Moon (earlier just entitled Moon), revolves around the gamat trade and the secrets it holds. Now that sounds like a sterile documentary, you might think. But then again, this Shuhaimi we are referring to, has for a number of years come out with unconventional film ideas. Take this story, for…

Author(s): By Zainal Alam Kadir
Copyright: NSTP
Published on: 9 March 2000
Publication: New Straits Times
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